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Choosing a remote career in IT is a liberating experience. Thankfully, even if you’re coming into some of these professions with relatively little computer science knowledge, you can still find places that are good to teach you what you need and get you up to speed.

Many people are choosing to change their careers to work in IT, and at the end, it’s important that you pick something that you will not only enjoy but be good at. Standing out in one of these positions is important, even if there are openings. Finding the best courses and the best fit for you is imperative to your success.

Picking a career isn’t an easy task, as in 2022 there are many different courses that you could choose from. It’s not easy to decide on your own whether you should choose one general course or a bunch of different small courses that would make up the general direction. We will lay out large categories and you can pick what might be best for you.

Project Management

Project management is likely not the first thing that most people imagine when they think about remote IT careers, and one of the last things when people mention computer science. That said, there is still a massive need for people who understand both programming  and how to manage projects. The project management course provides a range of skills that help improve your ability to create and manage a team and get projects done by a specific goal.

While there are plenty of individuals who know how to code, and a good pool of people who are good project managers, there are few who can do both at a high level. These courses help individuals learn project management in-depth, so they know how to deal with specific projects. Today companies are looking for specialists who can manage IT projects, as many of their best project managers might not know the ins and outs of programming. Upon completing our project management courses you will learn how to gather all the requirements, how to distinguish product’s MVP from its features and how to give correct estimates and comply with the given timeline.

Project management is seeing massive growth in the last few years, with no indication of slowing down. The best part of this specialization is that you will be able to apply these skills in your every day life that will become your most valuable project. The more you learn, the more you will see ways to improve it.

Here’s what you will master:

  • Bridge the gaps between comprehensive long-term strategy and the real, on-the-ground work in IT.
  • Learn how to communicate cross-professionally.
  • Become a pro at planning and time management.

Traditional Programming Languages

Learning traditional programming languages is likely the first thing that most people think of when someone says that they work in IT. It is practically synonymous with computer science and it’s also what most people imagine when they say they want to find a career in IT. These courses will teach you how to do just that. You will learn traditional languages, how to code, troubleshoot, fix bugs, and communicate between teams.

Traditional programming languages include Python, Java, and others. You will learn some of the most complicated languages, how to use them well, and what makes each the best for a specific task. While most people specialize in one language, learning multiple is not unheard of and becomes even useful in many situations.

Learning on of the traditional languages is a very smart move in 2022. Some of the best University-level courses are widely available online in RemoteMode. While many jobs are looking at becoming automated, a programmer's job will always be in demand, these courses will help you get there.


  • Become a part of the foundation of programming.
  • Gain an appreciation for programming across generations and build on the structure that has come before.
  • Learn what it means to be a code-writing programmer and find your niche by learning different languages and their uses.

Cloud Computing

This course will help you understand what groundbreaking technology there is in the world of cloud computing. Cloud computing is making innovative strides in the business world and there are university-level courses that are available online in 2022. There are a handful of different platforms that you could select from when choosing a job in cloud computing, though it only makes up a small section of computer science as a whole. These smaller courses include learning Microsoft’s Azure - the largest open-source cloud computing platform on the market now, or Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Beyond these, there are a handful of different cloud computing platforms that are worth learning, and while the job openings for these positions are currently smaller than the rest, the situation is going to change and cloud computing positions are set to explode in the next ten years. Learning cloud computing now allows you to become one of the most wanted developers on the market in the coming years.


  • Become a leader in the next generation of programming.
  • Find an abundance of opportunity in thousands of new jobs that are opening up every day.
  • Get in front of one of the fastest-growing fields in programming.

Front End Development

Becoming a Front End Developer means that you will be working with a specific set of coding languages and designing different web pages for many different clients. This course will teach you what working with the front end of development means. Front End Development means that you have direct control of the user experience and how to make it the most comfortable and functional that you can.

Becoming a Front End Developer doesn’t mean that you only know how to code in a specific language. Front End Development draws from many different university-level courses to create its curriculum. This course will teach you to understand design frameworks, make things convenient, and translate clients’ visions into reality.

A good Front End Developer is someone who can quickly adapt a client’s vision into something that they want and something that works well. As a Front End Developer, you’ll learn different languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


  • Learn how to translate clients’ visions into reality quickly and simply.
  • Learn how to use a wide range of tools to creatively develop new ideas.

Mobile Development

As a mobile developer, you’ll learn different stacks like React native or Xamarin  that will help integrate existing programs into easy-to-use mobile versions or apps. Becoming a mobile developer means that you not only understand how to code for iOS or Android, but you also understand how to convert code from other languages into one that works on mobile.

While nearly all programs today are becoming more easily integratable, that doesn’t lessen the need for mobile developers. Taking this course will help you to understand how critical proper integration is. Many programs in 2022 are created solely for mobile, and if this is the company that you working for, there is a good chance that their code is never written in another language other than what you create for them.


The final category is support. These courses make up the backbone of an IT department. Even with how technology has advanced in the last few decades, there are so many people that are still completely technologically illiterate. Going into a major support role means that you will learn every aspect of the software, hardware, and sometimes how to operate specific programs so that you can solve problems for clients on the fly.

These jobs also require a significant amount of communication skills, as being able to explain how to solve problems to clients is a must.

Support roles can be specific or general, and the need for each specialist changes depending on the complexity of the program. Though it may seem like second nature to some, the complexity of many programs is too intimidating for most to even attempt to understand. The role of tech support is far from ever being obsolete.