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Use state-of-the-art programming languages to develop tools that users interact with to navigate applications, web pages, and more. Get quality training that will bring you up to speed with this ever-growing, fast-changing industry.

  • 8-month long course
  • 254 lessons
  • 5 hours a week
  • 167 hours

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Mission Forecast for Front End Developers

Average salary for Front End Developers - Glassdoor
4/5 Stars
High job satisfaction for Front End Developers -
+13% Growth
Far above average growth - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Landing Zone

Front End Developers are critical coders that not only make applications useable but are responsible for creating interfaces that users can easily and effectively navigate. Front End Developers are well versed in not only the ability to make such pages but have a keen eye for design and useability. Front End Developers are expected to see a 13% increase in jobs in the next 10 years.

Mission Objective (Who’s Hiring Right Now)

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Front End Developer Overview

When learning front-end development, you’ll learn specific languages and industry-standard tools such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You’ll learn how to create a functional and engaging interface, code different functions for web pages, and use cutting-edge tools such as JQuery, Angular, and React.

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  • + 8-month long course
  • + 5 hours a week, go at your own pace
  • + 254 on-demand lessons
  • + 167 hours of learning materials
  • + Receive a certification confirming your training
  • + Participate in real-life Virtual Lab projects
  • Integrate video, audio, and other tools into web pages.
  • Incorporate forms and different widgets and collect given user data.
  • Troubleshoot, test, and launch webpages you’ve created.
  • Troubleshoot errors and squash bugs.

Prepare for Liftoff


This tutorial brings a comprehensive discussion about the fundamentals of JavaScript and its contextual implementation. As course takers go through this lecture, they are expected to understand the different types of data and their relevance to programming. The development process, object creation, functional programming statements, concept of coercion and casting, error handling, and control flow are also put into study to give an encompassing and holistic lesson about the basics of JavaScript.


Provided in this section is a general explanation of JavaScript’s function and features. The operational definition, variables, ECMA Script, and debuggers are explained thoroughly in the introduction to create an overarching concept. Lastly, the advantages of using the world’s most famous programming language are well enumerated for those who want to take Java programming as a profession. 


Included in this discussion are the prerequisites of JavaScript programming. More so, the technical terminologies introduced in the first section are given thorough and deeper explanations. They are then discussed in a manner that course takers may easily bridge Java’s theoretical concepts to applications. Lastly, this meticulously explains the technicalities associated with programming.

Objects, Arrays, and Expressions

Explained in this lesson are values and variables that have critical roles to Java programming. Number, boolean, strings, array, objects, and functions are explained in detail, as well as those that are called undefined or null variables. With regard to statements and expressions, those that bear significance to Java come with syntactical and semantic explanation. Some of them are var, function, return, if, and while statements.


A single block of codes or more commonly called as function is necessary to conduct a particular task. This lesson then gives authoritative instructions on how to implement these functions. In addition to this, course takers will know how to use other essential commands including parameters and arguments in situational, automated, and invoked circumstances.

Object Constructors

This lesson expands the aforementioned processes by providing a discussion about blueprint- a necessary factor that allows for the creation of objects. After determining the necessary variables, this will then discuss value integration such as:

  • Adding properties to objects
  • Adding methods to objects
  • Adding methods to constructors


After the critical factors are discussed, this lesson will delve deeper into web programming. The actual incorporation of variables is executed and theoretical discussions are put into practice. Lastly, several scripting methods and design principles are discussed in other for course takers to develop timely, content-wise, and interactive software.

Control Flow and Error Handling

JavaScript is wired with a solid set of statements, which then allows developers to integrate massive volume of interactivity in software. Discussed in the last part of this lecture are references block statements, conditional statements, and exception-handling statements that bear critical roles for the development of applications. Finally, a separate set of commands are presented to avoid scripting errors, potential harm, and application crashes. 

Other Resources

While this lesson provides a complete guide about JavaScript, the programming language remains complex. As this is the case, a list of related readings and tutorials are provided for additional insights.

December 16, 2021 | Amy Williams
Front End Developer

Mission Control

  • Stay focused with a mentor’s help and support
  • Build a real portfolio with Virtual Lab Projects
  • Compete with classmates in a virtual classroom
  • Measure your progress with the Activity Tracking Log
  • Make sure you get the job with resume help and interview assistance

In Collaboration with

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Chart Your Trajectory (254 videos 81 hours)

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Certificate of Completion

  • Receive a certificate recognized by prevalent companies confirming your training
  • Complete real projects in Virtual Labs
  • Go at your own pace, learn your way
  • Access course videos and materials 24 hours a day
  • Take practical quizzes to keep you up to speed
  • Classes created and mentored by industry leaders
CompTIA certifications help prove your skills and attract the attention of companies leading the industry.

Grow into a Front End Developer

Once you’re certified, jump into the industry and push it to new levels. Learn how to properly create usable interfaces, work with backend teams, and use your creativity to make something worth sharing.

Program Forecast

  • 8 months long, 5 hours per week
  • 254 lessons in 167 hours
  • Learn at your own pace

Virtual Lab

  • Real Projects
  • Create a working portfolio
  • Receive expert feedback and mentoring

Career Services

  • Interview preparation
  • Resumé assistance
  • Help with LinkedIn networking

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