Amy Williams

Amy Williams


Amy Williams is an advanced programmer that has expertise in Python and Java. She originally worked as a Python developer for a number of different smaller companies, then moved to teaching as she felt it suited her character. Today, she has moved back into coding professionally while still splitting her time teaching. She is an expert at understanding the roles of different programmers and has a knack for placing specific people in the role that they thrive the most in. Williams is also gifted in explaining these roles to individuals in a way that is understandable to those who might not have much experience.

Comparing Contract and Full-time Employment
April 14, 2022 Amy Williams

Everyone sooner or later begins to build their career. It is important to understand what you prefer: contract vs full-time when looking for a job. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Make a decision based on the style of life, financial needs, and career aspirations. We’ll talk about the characteristics of each type of […]

Guide to Making Friends If You Work Remotely
April 11, 2022 Amy Williams

Remote work can make you feel lonely. That is why it is so important to start a more active social life. Follow these simple tips below on how to make friends when you work from home to reach your goal. Start talking more in real life Working remotely is a true paradise when you want […]

10 Jobs College Students Can Do Remotely
April 08, 2022 Amy Williams

Working remotely opens up a myriad of possibilities before people. Mothers or fathers may work from home while taking care of their infants. People from other countries may collaborate with foreign companies with higher salaries. And students may combine studying and working schedules. Remote jobs for college students offer additional and sometimes very decent income. […]

Guide to Taxes for Remote Work
April 05, 2022 Amy Williams

In covid times remote work is a reality. Companies and employees have been enjoying remote work policy for a while. But naturally, the benefits of not driving to a physical office (employees) or paying a fortune for office rent (employers) don’t come without additional headaches. One of the most significant issues is remote work taxes. […]

10 Best Practices For Remote Onboarding
April 02, 2022 Amy Williams

Remote work hasn’t been popular in the past, but today, the situation is different. The number of employees working remotely has significantly increased by 159% since 2005. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the trend became even stronger. Companies had to adjust and change their onboard practices to integrate new employees. Traditional onboard practices are focused […]

16 Executive Jobs to Work From Home
March 30, 2022 Amy Williams

It is no news that working from home is the new norm with almost every company and their workers. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies are leaning towards remote work and releasing openings for remote executive jobs every day. When the standard with remote work started, it seemed as though it was limited […]

Remote Work Starter Kit
March 27, 2022 Amy Williams

Working from home is becoming increasingly common, which begs to ask: What do you need to work from home? At-home start-ups are a compelling alternative to a 9-to-5 desk job, and more companies are recruiting employees to work remotely. Nevertheless, it is not easy. The lack of schedule and continuity can be overwhelming. You may […]

How to Describe Remote Work Experience
March 24, 2022 Amy Williams

Straight faces, busy hands, and a stern atmosphere; nothing beats an interview setting when it comes to sending chills down your spine. The interviewer doesn’t seem friendly (not in every case, though). And even if you’ve mastered the art, there are certain questions you definitely cannot miss. If you’re taking the plunge, then you may […]