Become an Azure Cloud Engineer

Build and manage systems for one of the largest cloud infrastructures built. Use Microsoft Azure’s platform, tools, and services to manage applications for some of the biggest companies in the world. Get familiar with cloud computing and how to effectively operate it.

  • 6-month long course
  • 229 lessons
  • 6 hours per week
  • 148 hours

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Mission Forecast for Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineers

Average salary for Azure engineers - Glassdoor
90% of all new apps
will be cloud-based by 2025 - IDC Corporate USA
+29% job growth
Above-average job growth for cloud engineers - AWS.Amazon

Landing Zone

Microsoft Azure is the biggest public Cloud computing platform ever created. Applications continually are adapted for the cloud and the choice for these developers is typically binary. Since Azure has a larger market share, that calls for a greater need for Azure engineers. Cloud-based applications and implementations are growing rapidly, and the need for good engineers is projected to increase by 29% in the next 4 years, and another 11% in the next 9.

Mission Objective (Who’s Hiring Right Now)

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Azure Cloud Engineer Overview

As an Azure cloud engineer, you will not only be on the cutting-edge of technology, you will also be securing a position as a developer for the largest cloud computing platform created. Cloud computing is understood, but still considered a new technology. Start learning today and secure your position as a leader in the industry.

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  • + 6-month long course
  • + 6 hours per week, go at your own pace
  • + 229 on-demand lessons
  • + 148 hours of material
  • + Receive a certificate confirming your training
  • + Participate in real-life Virtual Lab projects
  • Design networks that connect to Azure systems.
  • Understand how the architecture works and how to modify it.
  • Monitor and manage cloud infrastructure.
  • Ensure the security of your company’s data.
  • Troubleshoot and be able to explain solutions.
  • Improve architecture as needed.

Prepare for Liftoff

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

Office suites have lasting importance in any enterprise, be it commercial or non-profit ventures. While companies’ productivity is not solely reliant on such, office platforms enable larger efficiency for whatever infrastructure that may be. However, the fast-paced and dynamic trait of enterprises calls for necessary toolset upgrades, prompting providers to adapt in line with new requirements. The same may be said for Microsoft and its pursuit to bring a mobile and collaborative platform for higher work efficiency and convenience.

About the Course

Microsoft 365 has long established its reputation as the most sought-after office suite. Heavily used in corporate undertaking, the brand stands as the de facto suite that other brands are gauged against. Putting this in mind, it is only necessary to understand its fundamentals and technicalities. To achieve higher level of proficiency, this four-part tutorial introduces course takers to a series of lessons about the basics of Microsoft 365. Related theories and applications are well-presented, while other relevant concepts are put under rigorous discussions.

Who is this course for?

Interested parties who want to acquire more knowledge about the platform may enroll in this course, but the course was largely and particularly designed for anyone who wants to take the Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals MS-900 exam. Lessons presented in this course may also come beneficial for small and medium enterprises who want to explore Cloud platforms.

Course Prerequisites and Skills to be developed

The tutorial only requires course takers to have beginner- to intermediate level of knowledge about Microsoft tools. Largely developed for those who want to pass related certifications or those who want to start a career in IT, course takers are expected to demonstrate sufficient understanding of Microsoft’s complex cloud concepts, compliance, privacy, pricing, and support.

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Overview

Divided into four major lessons, this tutorial tackles the four core variables that constitute the Microsoft 365. These are:

Cloud Concepts

Discussed in this section are the technicalities and relevant concepts of Microsoft’s Cloud services. After providing an encompassing introduction about the platform, it will take course takers to more complex topics, including Cloud Computing, Azure, and the process of migrating to Cloud services. 

Core Services

The second part of the series puts core services, on-premise VS Cloud, Endpoint Management, and Collaboration understudy. While doing so, course takers are also introduced to the importance, functions, and persisting trends in MDM.

Security, Privacy, and Trust

This then takes course takers to lessons about Microsoft’s encryption, focusing on key pillars of security, common vulnerabilities, data protection, and compliance feature. It also highlights the importance of Identity Management in securing the suite from malicious digital attacks.

Billing and Support

The last part provides a comprehensive discussion of the platform’s billing structure and support. Terms and conditions are discussed, right before it presents subscription rates for anyone who wants to purchase the product. Lastly, billing management and other support options are outlined. 

December 17, 2021 | Amy Williams
Azure Cloud Engineer

Mission Control

  • Stay focused with a mentor’s help and support
  • Build a real portfolio with Virtual Lab Projects
  • Compete with classmates in a virtual classroom
  • Measure your progress with the Activity Tracking Log
  • Make sure you get the job with resume help and interview assistance

In Collaboration with

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Chart Your Trajectory (229 videos 71 hours)

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Certificate of Completion

  • Receive a certificate recognized by prevalent companies confirming your training
  • Complete real projects in Virtual Labs
  • Go at your own pace, learn your way
  • Access course videos and materials 24 hours a day
  • Take practical quizzes to keep you up to speed
  • Classes created and mentored by industry leaders
CompTIA certifications help prove your skills and attract the attention of companies leading the industry.

Grow into an Azure Cloud Engineer

As Microsoft Azure grows, engineers will be pushing the platform to new levels. Become one of the engineers on the cutting edges of technology work with some of the most advanced tools the industry has to offer.

Program Forecast

  • 6 months long, 6 hours per week
  • 229 lessons in 148 hours
  • Learn at your own pace

Virtual Lab

  • Real Projects
  • Create a working portfolio
  • Receive expert feedback and mentoring

Career Services

  • Interview preparation
  • Resumé assistance
  • Help with LinkedIn networking

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