12 Tips That Will Help You Work From Home Successfully

February 19, 2022 Amy Williams
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It might be challenging to stay productive while managing your everyday job responsibilities with family and home concerns for employees who work remotely — making it harder to have a healthy work-life, especially if the career is in higher demand. Working from home has its benefits, such as not having to travel, waking up early and getting dressed, spending on travel expenses, and spending money on food. It also has its downsides, which we will be narrowing down later on, to assist you in becoming a productive remote worker.

Here are ten tips on how to work from home successfully. They came from challenges that remote workers faced from the beginning of their remote work journey.

Proper Scheduling

Proper scheduling is both simple and effective. It is essential to set working schedules when working from home in a place. The most sound option to organize your schedule to achieve greater efficiency is to put everything you have to do on a list, not just your task from your career but on your daily living. Making a list is quite simple, but getting a pen and paper and writing it down won’t help because most people nowadays will lose that piece of paper with a written schedule. Here are a few efficient methods.

  • Use scheduling appsThere are many schedule apps on the web you can download on your mobile device to assist with your daily scheduling, from organizing your meal schedules and even reminding you to finish the urgent task at work. These apps helped many people be more organized, build a more productive schedule and teach how to work from home successfully.
  • Set alarms and remindersOrganizing your schedule is as simple as setting the alarm on your phone. Alarms aren’t just there to help you wake every morning. Also, use alarms as reminders. Pegging an alarm on a specific time when you would be accomplishing a task would be beneficial because most people tend to forget things, especially when they are open to many distractions at home.
  • Use CalendarYou keep hanging on your wall from the physical wall calendar to the electronic calendar you keep on your mobile device, writing down your schedule, mainly when your work is set for a future event. Writing down the job you have to do daily and which events will occur during the day will allow you to stay focused and be more productive working remotely.

12 Tips That Will Help You Work From Home Successfully

Stay Clean and Organized

One more tip on how to work from home successfully is to avoid distraction to be organized. Distractions are much harder to avoid when you have a disorganized and messy workspace. Having mess everywhere, such as draft papers, empty coffee cups, and leftover foods from your lunch, cause plenty of stress and distraction. That’s why charting clear, organized workspaces is imperative. Below are a few points you need to take note of to keep your workplace a clean and organized:

  • Clean your workspace dailyClean out your desk or workspace and remove the nasty parts. These unwanted items in your workspace are not just going to serve as distractions but can also render discomfort, which may take you away from efficient work. Being constrained from moving forward due to a pile of workspace mess is entirely stressful; the more reason why clean up is necessary.
  • Procure file organizersSecuring file organizers to sort files like clipboards and file cabinets may prove an efficient way to prevent messy workspaces. Missing files and always having to look for them is stressful and is already a massive waste of time. Organizing yourself and your system of work may be simple. Sorting things out and making sure of organization, such as placing pens and pencils in a case, labeling documents, and having specific areas for specific tasks. These examples can avoid a cluster and keep you on track with your work at home.

Set a space to work

Whether it is an office, a small home closet, or a corner of your room, set a designated space for working where no one can distract you. Let everyone in your house know about your designated area and set limits so they won’t go there. This prevents your work from getting messy, disorganized, out of place, and it keeps you from distractions why you work. It is essential to have your designated workspace to have privacy and be more focused.

Communicate with your boss and co-workers

Establishing proper communication across your team members helps keep track of what you’re doing. Reporting each task you’ve started or finished, discussing trajectories with your colleagues, determining what else needs to be done. Giving your boss and co-workers updates on the task progress of your job allows greater convenience; they may likely help and answer questions enabling the progress to continue. To communicate efficiently with your co-workers and supervisors, you should follow the following points.

Create a group chat

Being in a group chat with your co-workers is essential mainly because you can all communicate in one channel and have discussions about projects or the tasks you are working on to keep each other updated. This also allows more collaboration which is like working physically with each other in an office, but you’re all doing it in your home.

Schedule a group call meeting

Scheduling a meeting is very useful to discuss upcoming tasks. It allows co-workers to plan and stay in order. Nowadays, there are multiple free platforms online that allow highly organized meetings.

Get dressed

Getting on proper attire before work can be helpful you don’t have to exaggerate and wear office attire, but staying in your comfortable sleeping attire such as home pajamas can make you less productive because you may still be sleepy, so taking a shower and putting yourself together on a daily work from home setup allows for a more active and work-ready mindset.

Avoid Distractions

Since you are working from home you are prone to distractions: the people around you, household responsibilities, and even your pets might offer distractions. Here are some points to avoid distractions.

  • Avoid list social mediaRefrain from using social media and other unimportant things. Social media is one of the primary sources of distractions. According to most people who work remotely, it is very unproductive. Most mobile devices contain a feature that locks apps on a specific period; if your mobile device doesn’t have these features, use online apps to lock away distractions.
  • Work in a tranquil environmentThe loud noises and people are talking cause distractions. The only way to avoid noises at home is to secure a peaceful place to work in. Though not everyone has access to a quieter space, most people who work from home use headphones and play music to cancel out the noise surrounding them.

Set working hours

Most remote workers work freelance jobs and think about how to work from home successfully. Setting a clear timeframe is essential. It prevents us from being lazy; if we don’t have a specific time in mind on when we’re going to start working on our tasks, we will get distracted and put our job aside, which leaves us slacking off the whole day until our deadline comes near, leading us to rush our task. It is completely unhealthy; we must come up with a schedule for starting working, so we have a particular time to follow.

Sleep regularly

Not getting enough sleep might be a burden to work. If you lack sleep, you might feel sleepy during your work hours which is terrible; this might make you less productive and take off considerable time from your work hours. So go to sleep on time. Most people work overtime to finish their tasks but getting a good shut-eye is better than feeling like a corpse the next day.

Allow yourself break times

Lots of work might prevent you from eating on time. You have to remember: a healthy body is tantamount to a healthy mind. Hunger makes you less productive too! Having a growling stomach while working prevents you from focusing on yourself and will ultimately cause sickness. This is the reason why taking breaks is essential. A few–minute breaks will give you some rest and prepare to do upcoming tasks.

Find time for routine before working

Establishing a routine will make you more energetic and productive; it effectively prepares you for the day, way better than zeroing in on work after waking up. Most people suggest waking up early and setting a morning routine before work. As some people work nights, you may add the routine in the afternoon prior.


Your workout may consist of running or jogging outside or doing calisthenics in your garage. Working out is a healthy way of starting your morning as it fuels the body and prepares the mind, making you energetic and less gloomy before you work.


Calm your mind and do yoga before starting work. Being at peace and preparing your mental state ahead of the day will keep you calm and less pressured during work. And like Ajahn Brahm once said: “Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”


After all the tips discussed above, it is now time for you to try and implement them in your own WFH setup. These might teach you how to work from home successfully.

It is good to practice healthy work habits. Working from home is not an easy task. It does have its ups and downs. But if you adopt these pointers with hard work and a positive mindset, you might prove triumphant in your professional goals.

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