Amy Williams

Amy Williams


Amy Williams is an advanced programmer that has expertise in Python and Java. She originally worked as a Python developer for a number of different smaller companies, then moved to teaching as she felt it suited her character. Today, she has moved back into coding professionally while still splitting her time teaching. She is an expert at understanding the roles of different programmers and has a knack for placing specific people in the role that they thrive the most in. Williams is also gifted in explaining these roles to individuals in a way that is understandable to those who might not have much experience.

Stages of a Remote Job Interview Process
March 21, 2022 Amy Williams

With the new norm of working remotely comes learning how the hiring process or remote jobs interviews work and what they entail. Most of the remote interview processes are conducted online via telecommunications platforms. Employers are in recent times a lot more into hiring via the web as it ensures safety with their health concerns, […]

Learn What Remote Customer Service Is and Why It Is Becoming Popular
March 18, 2022 Amy Williams

Telecommuting is a flexible work arrangement that allows a person to work from a location other than the company’s headquarters. Thanks to the digital age, you can finish projects, connect with your team, and even lead without having to be in the same room or city. Many companies still operate on a 9-5, 40-hour workweek, […]

8 Helpful Remote Work Podcasts
March 15, 2022 Amy Williams

Once reality hits, it becomes pretty obvious that working from home may be just as productive as simply working – especially in this digital age. For one, the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a need for workers across the globe to adapt to emerging (work) trends. And while they may be new, it wasn’t so […]

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for a Remote Job
March 12, 2022 Amy Williams

The world is slowly gravitating towards remote-jobs, especially in recent years. As an example, even people who haven’t worked remotely before are now considering making a shift to working with a remote company, especially post-covid. Unfortunately, you might not think you have any relevant skill or experience to work remotely, and highlighting these experiences is […]

How to Put Remote Work on a Resume
March 09, 2022 Amy Williams

Employees can carry out job assignments from home or any other location outside their company’s physical office in a remote work environment. Working off the grid can extend outside one’s home environment, albeit it frequently requires setting up a home workspace. Telecommuting from home has a plethora of perks as well as drawbacks. In the […]

10 Valid Reasons To Call Off Work
March 06, 2022 Amy Williams

The ongoing Covid healthcare catastrophe is an unparalleled shock that is transforming the way people work worldwide. Despite some changes to job structures and safety measures put in place by employers, most employees reported feeling unsafe, uncomfortable, apprehensive and stressed at the thought of returning to work during the current post covid lockdown period compared […]

15 Icebreakers to Use During a Virtual Meeting
March 03, 2022 Amy Williams

Remote work arrangements are gradually becoming the norm in today’s age and time, with more people working from home due to precautions to help curb the spread of Covid-19. As a result, it is imperative to build connections between team members in a virtual or online environment. The majority of employers are probably used to […]

Top Remote Collaboration Practices to Adopt
February 24, 2022 Amy Williams

The way of remote work becomes a commonplace practice and extends to further areas of business. Nevertheless, the employees’ transfer to a remote work schedule causes a predicament for managers to maintain and practice operational efficiency implementation. The topic of organizing remote collaboration is one of the most burning ones. Fortunately, everything is easier than […]