Amy Williams

Amy Williams


Amy Williams is an advanced programmer that has expertise in Python and Java. She originally worked as a Python developer for a number of different smaller companies, then moved to teaching as she felt it suited her character. Today, she has moved back into coding professionally while still splitting her time teaching. She is an expert at understanding the roles of different programmers and has a knack for placing specific people in the role that they thrive the most in. Williams is also gifted in explaining these roles to individuals in a way that is understandable to those who might not have much experience.

7 Great Tips for Converting a Closet to an Office
January 27, 2022 Amy Williams

We all struggle to find a functioning workspace when we work remotely. Most people don’t even know when or where to start. How about convert closet to office? Yes, it may sound silly, but if you live in small places or don’t have space to organize a functioning remote office, this is an excellent way […]

20 Best Remote Jobs for Moms
January 24, 2022 Amy Williams

Looking for work may prove challenging when you have Mom duties, especially when you’re still caring for a child. Many moms don’t even get to take care of themselves; what more if they ought to go to a job interview. Here is a list of remote jobs for moms they can start right away. Moms […]

2021-2022 Remote Work Statistics and What It Means
January 21, 2022 Amy Williams

The year 2020’s first quarter was economically harrowing. We know COVID-19’s impact, ravaging global economies wreaking havoc across all sectors. It visited upon us plenty of uncertainty. Suffice it to say, employers from all over were not prepared. They scrambled to make ends meet while trying to keep production running even as massive layoffs were […]

The Benefits of Working Remotely
January 18, 2022 Amy Williams

The 20s of the 21st century have become in certain ways revolutionary in terms of the work process organizing. The situation with COVID-19 is a check for the entire world community, not only in terms of viral disease spread but also in matters of introducing activity restrictions, including work. The overwhelming employer’s majority began to […]

Working Remotely Across Time Zones
January 14, 2022 Amy Williams

Nowadays, the working process across several time zones is not an inevitable reality. The current work mode is hybrid, remote, full-fledged in the office regardless of the workflow form. Almost all-commercial activity spheres require cooperation with partners in various time zones. For example, the company’s headquarters may be located in New York, and some of […]

RemoteMode Launches Its Virtual Project Lab To Leverage Hands-on Practice Experience
January 14, 2022 Amy Williams

The initial launch of Virtual Lab has been announced by RemoteMode, an online training organization focusing on educating people for a career shift in various remote jobs. This innovative educational offering provides a forum for students to apply their newly acquired skills in real-world projects based on real-world business cases. The projects in Virtual Lab […]

RemoteMode Launches Dashboard to Improve Students’ User Experience and Achieve Higher Completion Rates
January 14, 2022 Amy Williams

RemoteMode has announced the inaugural launch of Dashboard. This online training organization specializes in educating people for a career shift in various remote employment. This new tool for RemoteMode students walks them through every step of their training and job preparation. In addition, the Dashboard employs innovative gamification to motivate students to achieve outstanding results. […]

Asynchronous Communication
January 10, 2022 Amy Williams

There are two communication types in a workflow: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous involves the communication of two, three, or more persons in real-time. It can happen in communication, correspondence. For example, through apps, video chats, phone calls, etc. Asynchronous – communication outside real-time. It is a less time-bound information exchange. For example, an email sent […]