Amy Williams

Amy Williams


Amy Williams is an advanced programmer that has expertise in Python and Java. She originally worked as a Python developer for a number of different smaller companies, then moved to teaching as she felt it suited her character. Today, she has moved back into coding professionally while still splitting her time teaching. She is an expert at understanding the roles of different programmers and has a knack for placing specific people in the role that they thrive the most in. Williams is also gifted in explaining these roles to individuals in a way that is understandable to those who might not have much experience.

Hybrid-Remote Guide
January 03, 2022 Amy Williams

The prolonged pandemic has forced various companies to switch working schedules to remote work modes. However, the time has come to go back to the office. To optimize the management, regulation, businesses need to prepare labor activities taking into account social distance and set working hours: full or part-time work, based on the situation with […]

What Remote Work Burnout Is and How to Avoid It
December 28, 2021 Amy Williams

No one is immune from emotional burnout, even in a remote work form. It occurs even with the active and most disciplined employees. This state calls into question the further work possibility. Do not panic. Take a deep breath. Before despairing, let’s look at the causes of this condition and how to give yourself first […]

Home Office Designing Tips
December 24, 2021 Amy Williams

Almost everyone would agree that being given a chance to work within the confines of the home offers a world of convenience instead of being confined in an actual brick-and-mortar office space. Not being compelled to wake up early to beat the traffic downtown comes as favorable as saving money on lunch daily. More so, […]

15 Best Paid Remote Jobs
December 20, 2021 Amy Williams

Remote work becomes more relevant. Workplaces become virtual. Let’s take a look at the 15 highest paying remote jobs. If you decide to change your profession, this information is useful. Rating of professions with high earnings Before compiling a guide of highly paid professions, we decided to ask ourselves: what are the highest paying remote […]

Azure Cloud Engineer
December 17, 2021 Amy Williams

Build and manage systems for one of the largest cloud infrastructures built. Use Microsoft Azure’s platform, tools, and services to manage applications for some of the biggest companies in the world. Get familiar with cloud computing and how to effectively ope[...]

Java Developer SE 7
December 17, 2021 Amy Williams

Occupy new specialization and develop Java-based software functions and services. Work with the newest tools and frameworks which are successfully used by more than 64.000 American companies.

Help Desk Engineer
December 16, 2021 Amy Williams

Help Desk Engineers provide comprehensive technical support for their company and the clients of their company. A Help Desk Engineer is someone who has an expansive knowledge of a wide range of different programs and applications. These specialists are respons[...]

.Net Razor Developer
December 16, 2021 Amy Williams

Start the next generation using WebForms with Microsoft’s .Net Razor engine. World-known companies like Stack Overflow, Microsoft, Accenture or Double Slash explore .Net Razor technology.