19 Well-Paid At-Home Jobs You Can Apply for Without a Degree

February 13, 2022 Amy Williams
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There are jobs out there that pay decently and do not require you to undergo years of study in college. Remote jobs are becoming more mainstream as years go by. More remote job opportunities open and do not require any college degree. It is, however, commonplace for these fields to require training regardless. Such jobs will not be easy and are almost similar to working in a position that demands a college degree, perhaps even harder. A number of these posts can even provide you with know-how and experience that you cannot learn even in college!

Assuming a job you love is more than ideal. Being allowed to do it in a WFH setting without being compelled to travel to an office is even more enticing. We made this catalog of decent-paying remote jobs if you want to start a promising career. Most people are not given the opportunity to get tertiary education due to many problems such as financial constraints, disabilities, or even some people who just do not fit in. While college is a chance for self-improvement, not everyone uses it. Not possessing a college education won’t mean you will not succeed in your grandiloquent career trajectories. Choosing a different path in life does not render you a failure; it might lead to more remarkable victories.

Remember, everyone has their paths to take; not everyone will reach their goals simultaneously.

Here is a list of highest paying work from home jobs without a degree. Read them and find what suits you the best.

1. Web Development

Being paid as a web developer rakes in considerable compensation. What renders it greater appeal is its availability as a remote job. Some would even contend that it is the most appealing of all possible jobs that can be done in a WFH setup. Making a website or a web application isn’t easy; it is significant to learn multiple programming languages. Most languages are complicated, and some aren’t; you’ll know more as you proceed through your career in web development. Here are the key points regarding the duties and technicalities required to become a web developer.

2. Back-End

Developing through the back-end of a web application requires you to become well-versed in programming languages such as PHP, C ++, Ruby, and many more. Additionally, you have to handle servers, databases, alongside more functions running through the back-end of web applications.

3. Front-End

On the Front-End, however, the visual aspect of the website is the focal point; the functions working on the front may not be as hard as the back-end. But it may still prove quite challenging, depending, of course, on the web application you are developing. This entails the production of the visual representation of contents and interactions. The main front-end languages needed here are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Front-end developers work in remote or on-site teams.

4. Web Design

In web design, the freelance professional is more focused on the visual representation of the website, the arts, the designs, and how you’d colorize the visible parts. Having advanced knowledge in CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) and more Web designing languages is essential to doing remote web design work.

You are tasked to create texts with sounds, images, graphics, and many more. You may also encounter a project of redesigning already existing websites.

Backed by a team of web developers, remote Web Designers have to ensure more excellent design quality fits a website’s features.

5. Remote Content Writer

Challenge your creativity and write digital content. As a content writer, the quality of the content you are tasked to write must come first. Researching and hard study about the topics you would be writing about takes precedence. Remote writing might be challenging, especially when individuals assuming a writing post are not adept with the topic being discussed, making research highly integral. Below are essential writing ethics to get into Content Writing.

  • GrammarBeing grammatical is essential in writing. Readers will possibly be challenged in comprehending your article if your grammar is bad. However, there are online writing tools that can assist you in correcting grammatical errors. But it is still essential to practice honing your grammar skills by checking your errors such as punctuations, typo errors, and sentences challenging to comprehend.
  • Titles and HeadersA well-structured body will still attract fewer readers despite having a boring title; this is what readers firstly anchor themselves to. A title must be eye-catching to attract what readers want to see. A good label should state what the article is about. Giving a hint about the article is essential in writing titles.
  • Organizing sectionsPutting the contents of your write-up to make it easier to read is essential in writing. Some articles are confusing to read because of their disorganization as the sections jump through different topics. Your task is to put proper headers matching each subsection and put proper indentations within the text.

6. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one more highest paying work from home jobs without a degree. It demands that you promote products and services through digital platforms. You market via the internet through ads and engaging content, thus gaining greater consumers.

19 Well-Paid At-Home Jobs You Can Apply for Without a Degree

It is essential in digital markets to get people’s attention. Each click and registration is an engagement. You need to think creatively about how you’ll get every consumer’s reaction and wishes. Here are a few points in digital marketing to help you.

  • Social media marketingMany people use social media nowadays, so digital marketers advertise the dominating terrain. Boosting social media posts can get more engagement.
  • Banner advertisementsUpon visiting a website, we often see pictures. Sometimes, we run into promotional videos of other companies’ products and services. Those are called advertisements, and those companies pay websites to advertise. An excellent digital marketer knows the suitable place and time to promote.
  • Gathering leads and consumersThe main goal of your work is to drive mileage and get more consumers. If the company provides a particular set of services, it is integral to understand what makes such services valuable. You have to aim at having possible would-be customer sign-ups.

7. Freelance Game Developer

Like playing video games? Or love the way game development makes and designs games? Gamer or not, becoming a game developer is a good prospect if you like the game world. From coding game functions, dreaming up characters, and designing game assets, game development is a fun job, and it refers to a remote with good payment. The fantastic thing about game development is that games do not stop in the developing phase. Further work can be done by adding new features and updating them constantly, which is why most games have so-called “Game events,” which happen seasonally. Developers add limited-time in-game events, and some even add features or expand the game, which is why the job of game developers never ends. Here is a list of the tasks you may be assigned as a game developer:

  • DesignsWe all played a game before and picked a character we thought was cool mainly because they contain our favorite color, match the style we like, or even have the abilities we want. Game design is essential in gaming. Every gamer appreciates even the smallest detail, realistic in-game designs. You are tasked with designing characters, worlds, maps, and even items. Everyone likes a cool flaming dragon sword that wouldn’t, which is why a game designer’s job is essential.
  • Functions, logic, and physicsThese three are probably the essential part of game development. Without these, the game is nothing. The back-end facet of game development requires tons of programming knowledge. Python is among programming languages of repute in the game development terrain. Python is an easy-to-learn programming language. But as your involvement in game development goes deeper, you will realize that you need more than just Python. In-game logic is responsible for how a game’s environment will react based on the player’s actions, e.g., if you punch a monster, would it fight back or not, or if your character pulls out a gun, how would the NPCs around it react? That’s pretty much what game logic is. In-game physics, however, is probably the trickiest part of game development. In-game physics such as ragdolls are complicated to code. Developing how the game would react if certain physical activities happened, like if a car bumps into each other. Game physics defines what will happen if one of those cars crashes, depending on how hard they bump each other.
  • Fixing bugs and glitchesGamers often run into bugs and glitches that the game has. It happens due to errors in the game’s code. Even the mildest syntax error can ruin a game. Most glitches cause players to get sucked into a wall, fall through the floor, or even teleport. Any unintentional feature is counted as a bug. This is why a game developer’s job never ends. Constant updates are required, especially when a bug is reported. It is possible to be deployed to fix bugs and glitches solely to keep the game running the way it should. Hence, rendering a better gaming experience is one of your key responsibilities, if not the center of them.

8. Virtual assistant

Some people have too many daily tasks and responsibilities to handle daily. Sometimes people fall on this; the solution is to hire virtual assistants to aid with daily essentials. VAs are basically like regular assistants who only work on a remote basis. As a remote assistant, you are possibly tasked to deal with responsibilities your client is supposed to accomplish but could not simply account for or resolve anymore due to busy schedules. Remote assistants help their clients to become more efficient and productive. Below is a list of things VAs are mandated to perform to assume the position:

  • Set and remind appointmentsPeople tend to forget to attend, let alone, set appointments; it can be a dentist’s appointment or an important business meeting. Setting appointments and reminding your clients to follow their appointments is one of the essential tasks of a remote assistant.
  • Fix SchedulesHelping your clients stay in order and follow a specific flow to avoid a stressful and unproductive day is one of your main tasks. You should know your client’s daily schedules and life events to remind them and help accomplish their scheduled tasks.
  • Phone calls and emailsYou are also tasked to send emails and make phone calls. It might be a business email, booking a hotel, or even sending invitations. Valid phone and email etiquette is a must as you will be performing them on behalf of your client.

9. Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is one more highest paying work from home jobs without a degree. Some insurance agencies contact their customers online or through the phone. Here you are tasked to assist your clients virtually in signing up for their insurance. To work as an insurance agent, you should know every detail and benefit of your company’s insurance. You should know how to describe and elaborate upon them. Insurances such as health, auto, home, and other general insurances have different requirements and different plans; you should know them to showcase them efficiently.

10. Graphic designer

Do you like digital art? Then a graphic design is an ideal solution. Most people are hiring graphic designers to make their business logistics and platforms more presentable. Almost everything nowadays is designed by graphic designers, from billboards to even prints on a soda can. This is why a designer’s job is essential. The main advantages are remote work and high salary per project.

Here are a few lists that a graphic designer may need on their line of work:

  • Knowledge in editing toolsHaving primary and advanced knowledge in editing graphic design tools is essential. There are many design software, from simple basics to more advanced ones. However, learning more advanced editing and illustrating tools is vital to pull off more detailed and better designs.
  • Drawing tabletsMost designers craft their designs in touchscreen monitors called drawing tablets. These tablets can make more accurate designs because you will be removing them with a pen instead of a mouse. Having advanced knowledge of these tablets can be helpful in graphic design.
  • Designing everythingIn graphic design, you receive projects to design pretty much everything. As mentioned earlier, graphic designers produce banners, billboards, etc. Big institutions with a famous content creator may hire you, which is why graphic design is one of the highest paying work from home jobs without a degree required.

11. Voice-Over Talent

Pretty much like being an actor but amenable for WFH setups. Voice acting is also a decent-paying job. You will be doing voice-overs for animated films, textbooks, commercials, and any other company or production that needs a voice actor. There are various avenues in voice acting nowadays; the preliminary requirement (apart from talent) is proper voice recording equipment. You can even start in a quiet room at home if you do not have a ready studio yet.

12 . Interpreter

An interpreter must interpret specific videos, speeches, and any other speaking forms into another language. Your main work is to analyze, listen, and ascertain the main point of the content in the original language and ultimately translate it. It is basically like a translator but with different tasks. Mastering the language you translate is essential in this freelance remote job.

13 . Human Resources (HR)

You can become a HR manager in a WFH setup. Here, one is tasked to do many things regarding the company’s employees, such as recruiting and hiring applicants, keeping track of each employee’s performance, and managing new employees’ training. These are just a few examples of the task you have to do in Human Resources. Creating a safe environment for employees leading a healthy workplace determines good HR. However, since you’ll be doing it remotely, there is quite a challenge to it. You analyze and monitor the company’s employees virtually, which is why you may be tasked to create certain routines for the workers to do daily, for you to be able to monitor them.

14. IT Securities specialist

In this remote job, you are required to provide cybersecurity analysis and support of companies’ technological systems. Your main responsibilities are: to secure databases, websites, and other programs prone to hacking, make countermeasures for the company you work for, and provide them a safer environment.

15. Email marketing specialist

Email marketing is also part of digital marketing, but it is different. You are tasked to reach out to consumers via email. Your job is to compose engaging emails, ensuring that you will attract someone into being one of the company’s consumers. Having good grammar and proper marketing skills to engage a customer is essential in this task.

16. Telemarketer

Telemarketing is also a form of marketing, but you reach out to potential consumers through phone calls. You are tasked to call potential customers to offer them the products and services according to scripts. Also, you have to set them on an appointment with the company’s salespeople. It is essential to sound confident and have a sales process in mind before you engage in a phone call. Most people hang up immediately if the first seconds of the conversation does not interest them.

17. Proofreader

Don’t write if you think writing may not be for you. But if you hate grammatical errors in texts, a proofreader job may become the best choice. Analyzing write-ups and ensuring the quality of the work the writer has put upon specific projects are basically what a proofreader does, which is why a good proofreader should have excellent writing ethics and grammar. A proofreader works both in the office and remotely.

18. Social media management

In today’s generations, we are all familiar with social media. Almost everyone uses them, which makes this job easy. There are a lot of opportunities out there in social media management, from big companies to individual bloggers. Most of them are looking for experts to help supervise their social media, answer direct messages, plan content strategy, organize ads companies, and cooperate with other bloggers. Social media management offers highest paying work from home jobs without a degree, but with high salaries.

19. Customer Service

Customer service offers remote positions with good paychecks nowadays. All you need is a computer and a phone. To work as a customer service manager, you are tasked to assist with the client’s concerns. Some clients may be made due to the issues they encounter with your company, which is why patience is a virtue in this job.

Which Job Would You Choose?

After reading through the list and learning the descriptions of each of these jobs, which would you choose? There is plenty more highest paying work from home jobs without a degree. But always remember, with or without a college degree, if you don’t work hard and don’t possess the eagerness to learn, you won’t be able to have a successful and well-paying profession.

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