Become a Cloud Engineer AWS

Learn what you need to do to set up, maintain and operate infrastructure designed for Amazon Web Services. AWS is one of the biggest and most reliable cloud-based servers, and as such everyone from large businesses to small start-ups opts to use its infrastructure.

  • 8-month long course
  • 307 lessons
  • 6 hours a week
  • 206 hours

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Mission Forecast for AWS Cloud Engineers

Average salary for AWS Cloud Engineers - Glassdoor
90% of all new apps
will be cloud-based - IDC Corporate USA
+28% job growth
By 2026 - AWS.Amazon

Landing Zone

Cloud computing is well known but still considered a new technology. AWS is the frontrunner compared to the other cloud implementations, and as such, any cloud network engineer will need to understand AWS. As AWS and other cloud services grow, so does the need for developers. Job growth in the next 5 years is expected to be up 28%, and over the next 10 another 11%.

Mission Objective (Who’s Hiring Right Now)

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AWS Cloud Engineer Overview

Cloud services is a quickly growing industry. Jump in now and become one of the experts and lead the industry yourself.

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  • + 8-month long course
  • + 6 hours a week, go at your own pace
  • + 307 on-demand lessons
  • + 206 hours of learning material
  • + Receive a certificate confirming your training
  • + Participate in real-life Virtual Lab projects
  • Plan, implement and grow cloud infrastructure.
  • Build, release and maintain production systems.
  • Upkeep system security.
  • Troubleshoot and problem-solve on the fly.
  • Design and implement scalable software services.

Prepare for Liftoff

CompTIA NET+ Cert

This course provides in-depth knowledge in the field of IT infrastructure that hones the potential skills that a professional needs to effectively assume IT-related jobs. This program does not discriminate the platforms that the professional may choose to use. The foundation is built primarily before determining specialization. The program provides certification for candidates wanting to manage networks, whether wired or not.

About the Course

The course aims at arming learners with the capabilities needed in administering configuration, troubleshooting, and network management that companies use globally. The CompTIA Network + program sets grounds for greater professionalism through holistic discussions of cloud tech.

For Whom is This Course Meant?

The CompTIA Network + program was created for individuals who assume various roles IT-related roles.  This course is thus meant for people wanting to become Administrators, field technicians, IT personnel, among others.

Course Requirements

Preliminary Requirements

The individuals wanting to enroll should have received a CompTIA Network + certification. He or she is also expected have 9 months’ worth of experience with building networks.

Capabilities to be developed

The professionals who would be studying under the course would be able to develop these:

- Designing and developing functional networks

- Management of significant network devices

- Management of Network Operations

- Infrastructure Management

- Network Security management

- Troubleshooting

CompTIA NET+ Cert Overview

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 01 of 15: Theory and Communications

This lesson covers the basics of Network Management. This introduces learners to the pertinent concepts that surround networking. Terminologies and acronyms are discussed at length so as to not confuse learners when these are thrown around within the rest of the course.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 02 of 15: Media and Hardware

This lesson details how learners would be able to configure computer hardware. Alongside this, learners are taught to categorize standard connector types in accordance with network media.

CompTIA NET + Cert ,Part 03 of 15 : Implementations and Models

This lesson discusses the implementation of the two major types of networks. This goes into the details of how the Ethernet network is implemented. The learners would be made to understand that this network is considered the industry standard.

This lesson also looks into the ISO standard OSI / RM reference model. The learners are to learn that this offers the standard framework across all Network Managing professionals. Through this, they would be able to determine the actual capabilities and specifics of a protocol.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 04 of 15: TCP / IP Addressing and Data

This lesson provides learners with knowledge about the TCP / IP protocol suite and how it operates. This discusses how a client IP address sends data through the TCP protocol.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 05 of 15: TCP / IP Services

This lesson discusses what the TCP / IP suite is at length and goes into the details of higher-level applications that are built atop the protocol. Learners would be made to understand that the apps that subsist through the TCP / IP protocol are of a higher layer of protocol and are bundled as singular suites such as HTTP, FTP, and the like.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 06 of 15: LAN and WAN Infrastructure

This lesson details the difference between the LAN and WAN network connections. It starts with the analysis of the types of switches alongside capabilities and costs. Afterward, the discussion then focuses on WAN transmission and options for internet connection.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 07 of 15: Remote Networking

This lesson details the various options in remotely accessing devices. This focuses on the VPN options, file transfers, and remote device management.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 08 of 15: System Security

This lesson engages its learners in a discussion on the knowledge and skills needed to go about the installation and configuration of systems to establish secured applications.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 09 of 15: Network Security

This lesson goes into the details of how network security is established... The discussion will touch on physical security and the usual attacks that systems are susceptible to as the professional tries to secure both wired and wireless networks.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 10 of 15: Security Threats and Attacks.

This lesson discusses the threats and attacks that systems are subject to such as breaches and hacks. The discussion goes at length to address these issues and how professionals can safeguard networks and systems against them.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 11 of 15: Network Management

This lesson goes into the details of how a professional can efficiently perform troubleshooting, configuration, and management of wireless and wired networks.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 12 of 15: Network Troubleshooting

This lesson goes into the details of how a professional can efficiently perform troubleshooting within the networks that they had designed and developed.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 13 of 15: Network Architecture

This lesson discusses the concepts that surround network architecture which includes its maintenance and repair.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 14 of 15: Network Operations

This lesson goes into the discussion of the best practices that aim at efficient network management. This lesson also lays out sound policies that ensure the continuity of businesses.

CompTIA NET + Cert, Part 15 of 15: Industry Standards and Theory

This lesson goes into the details of the theories and the standards that the industry sets in the practice of Network Management.

December 16, 2021 | Amy Williams
AWS Cloud Engineer

Mission Control

  • Stay focused with a mentor’s help and support
  • Build a real portfolio with Virtual Lab Projects
  • Compete with classmates in a virtual classroom
  • Measure your progress with the Activity Tracking Log
  • Make sure you get the job with resume help and interview assistance

In Collaboration with

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Chart Your Trajectory (307 videos 100 hours)

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Certificate of Completion

  • Receive a certificate recognized by prevalent companies confirming your training
  • Complete real projects in Virtual Labs
  • Go at your own pace, learn your way
  • Access course videos and materials 24 hours a day
  • Take practical quizzes to keep you up to speed
  • Classes created and mentored by industry leaders
CompTIA certifications help prove your skills and attract the attention of companies leading the industry.

Grow into an AWS Engineer

As AWS continues to grow, the opportunities for more developers with new ideas and lots of experience also grow. Push cloud computing to the next level and use next-generation tools to help improve and thrive in the industry.

Program Forecast

  • 8 months long, 6 hours per week
  • 307 lessons in 206 hours
  • Learn at your own pace

Virtual Lab

  • Real Projects
  • Create a working portfolio
  • Receive expert feedback and mentoring

Career Services

  • Interview preparation
  • Resumé assistance
  • Help with LinkedIn networking

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